22 March 2024

ZAW Event at Chibwe  School at Kabwe and at Dzikomo School at Ndola, Zambia

Ms. Edah Chimya, Executive Director of ZAW writes:
"...The focus of the WP event went on beyond distributing menstrual hygiene products and booklets. It helped fostering a deeper understanding of women's bodies and reproductive health...Girls need support for loving and appreciating themselves and their value as being a girl. Poor girls end up quitting school for early marriages because of the need for validation and material support. Therefore the continuation of the WP project is critical for the empowerment of girls with knowledge, skills and sanitary support....Read the whole report.



"3000 reusable sanitary pads for underprivileged schoolgirls" - a promising pilot project in Cameroon!

In 2023 Anne Yotchou, Coordinator of CEFAP Cameroon and involved with the WP project,  presented her plan for the production of  “3000 reusable sanitary pads for underprivileged schoolgirls”. She wanted to produce it together with a few women volunteers based at Yaoundé.
This was a great idea,  but there were no  finances for adequate installations and the fabric needed.
Heidi Bodmer, WP Coordinator, could finally help thanks to her private connections. She organized two well-repaired second-hand electric sewing machines and arranged a free shipping to Cameroon.
Thanks to this support further necessary appliances, the fabric for the sanitary pads plus the snacks for the seamstresses could now be provided. 
After the working-place had been installed Anne  Yotchou and her team started the production in February 2024. It is a one-year pilot project.

Photo: Anne Yotchou presenting a reusable pad

The whole  stock of pads will be shared with BAWUFAG and RENATA. Both  IAW-organizations are also based  in Cameroon. 

Next year the “3’000 pads” has got to be self-supporting unless the WP project gets a remarkably higher amount of funding than now. The situation will therefore be evaluated over the course of the year.

Since a long time other WP partners have also asked for reusable sanitary pads, which they want to hand out to the schoolgirls during the WP events. That is why they are also interested in a similar production on site,
a promising future - promotion of small businesses and thus local value creation!
See the pictures and videos taken by A. Yotchou!


8 March 2024 - International Women's Day

RUWON Event at Bal Uddhar Secondary School, Kapan, Kathmandu Nepal

Goma Bastola, president of RUWON writes:

"... During the event, the female students who have reached the age of menstruation were provided with an Eco-friendly sanitary kit and an educational booklet. The rest of the students of the school were provided with stationery and booklets. We are very proud of the meaningful work done for girls and women.... The school family is very happy and thankful towards RUWON Nepal and IAW for this wonderful project. According to them they want the continuation of the projects in upcoming years too..."
read whole report


5 February 2024

SOFEDEC, Activities at Uzima Bora School Goma, Region of Goma, DR Congo

Giselle RUBAMBURA BAwili,  SOFEDEC/NK Coordinator writes:

"The event took place at the UZIMA BORA school in a classroom. At first the girls were separated from the boys, to make them understand that they should never be ashamed to talk about menstruation amongst themselves. After that, the boys joined in, and the atmosphere was good...The school authorities and parents asked that these activities be carried out regularly, as it saves children's lives by putting them on the right track for their future.

Some parents and teachers said that several girls had been raped on the road during their period, when they wanted to go home to hide from the stigma. Some others had been abducted and gone missing.

That's why these activities have such an important protective dimension, far beyond health and hygiene!.."
Read the whole report
We are very thankful about the pictures and the report, because this event took place in the middle of a war zone .