Water and Pads for School-Girls          Empowerment for Life!


Successful activities at 7 schools in various regions!


8 February 2019 Event at Medjo Public School Cameroon

08 February 2019

The pilot project was launched at Medjo School in Cameroon, in close cooperation with CEFAP  Cameroon, organized and carried out by Anne Pelagie, coordinator of CEFAP. The event  got a wide media coverage.

"Not having toilets and water at school puts girls' education at risk in my country!

Our challenge with the project : Breaking the menstrual taboo, helping access to water and toilet in schools and providing reusable pads to keep girls in school!"

"This pilot project carried out in MEDJO gave to 250 school-girls the opportunity to talk about something taboo in the community: the menstrual period. 
The activities were carried out in Medjo with the support of 4 volunteers and at the end we had 54 new volunteers..
read full report here.


17 May 2019 Event at Public Primary School Kongola Cameroon

Activities at the Kongola Primary Schools Cameroon

 A report by Julliet Saab

Leaving Yaoundé for the Far North of Cameroon on 15 May 2019 I arrived there the next day It started with a brief meeting with two RENATA Aunties. We also prepared our materials and decided about our roles. Our team also contacted a journalist and the directors of the schools....read the full report here.


28 May 2019 International Menstrual Hygiene Day

Event at Primary School Bunyakiri DR Congo

"The day of our activity on puberty and the

menstruation was on May 28, exactly on the International Day for menstrual hygiene...!"


The schoolgirls followed the teaching, highly motivated and interested.

Afterwards they recommended:

- distribute sanitary pads

- set up clean and separate toilets

- continue with the teaching,  view report here.


07June 2019 Event at Public Primary School Louggéo Doubaï Cameroon

RENATA Event "Water and Pads"

An awareness-raising activity on menstrual hygiene for school-girls

On June 07th we held an educational talk on the theme of "Puberty and Menstrual Hygiene". with the school-girls of the classes (CM1 and CM”) at a primary public School at Louggéo Dubai, which is situated in the district of Maroua....read the short report here.


9 July 2019   Event at SOS Village School, Bukavu DR Congo

Event "Water and Pads" at the school SOS-Village,  Bukavu region, DR Congo, in close collaboration with the organization SOFEDEC

"Menstrual hygiene management is a topic related to more than one human rights...It is a completely normal biological process..."
During this event the girls brought up a lot of questions about menstruation. They started discussions that show the problems of girls.. read the full report here.


01 October  2019   Girl's School in Pakistan

Event "Water and Pads" at a Girl's School in Pakistan,  in close collaboration with the organization with All Pakistan Women's Association APWA, Pakistan

"I am sharing the picture of our activity we had with school girls on  mensturation and hygiene. Young girls come up with various questions , which were responded by our trained staff  "      Ruhi Sayid, President APWA Punjab




11 October  2019   Epworth High School Zimbabwe, Day of the Girl Child

Preparatory Event "Water and Pads" at the Epworth High School Zimbabwe , in close collaboration with the organization Women Comfort Corner WCC Zimbabwe

"The children at Epworth High School have been extremely busy with examinations but happily we have been advised that we can work fully with them anytime from 05 November, 2019. We have visited the school to talk to the children and teachers about the project during break time and many including boys have expressed an interest to participate which we believe the latter's participation will decrease stigma. Most residents in Epworth live in abject poverty and are devastated by the HIV Aids pandemic and we strongly believe it is useful that the boys can be involved and in future they can be of assistance to the girl child in the event of their parents' demise."               Rita Marque President WCC


30 October 2019  Chibwe Secondary School Kabwe Zambia 2019 

Event Water and Pads

Zambia Alliance of Women visited the school-girls at Chibwe secondary and primary schools on 30 October 2019 at Kabwe, a rural area of Zambia. The Water and Pads Project was being implemented in collaboration with International Alliance of Women. ZAW met the young girls and sensitized them on the beauty of womanhood and also distributed the booklets entitled ‘Entering Womanhood’. which deals about menstrual health and is adapted for adolescents in secondary schools. Read the whole report here.

The grade 7 pupil Olipa explained in her native language the difficulties learners go through during their menses, including the lack of proper toilets or ablution and no running water, she explained that girls end up missing school for as long as 6 days due to fear of messing themselves up around others. She also highlighted that one big problem the girls face is being mocked and bullied by others especially boys during their menses.

Agnes  made an appeal in English on behalf of her fellow learners that more people and institutions should help them with the construction of more toilets and shower rooms to allow them be free to change or bathe during menses.

The visit was characterized by open and honest discussion, which allowed the girls to freely ask questions regarding menstrual health. The female teachers also gave their own experiences and advice on how best to deal with menses in school.

The pupils were elated to receive the books as they would use them to learn more. Wow! They are so happy!

Water and Pads for School-Girls          Empowerment for Life!