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For IAW to achieve its goal, further financial resources are needed.
Unfortunately, the current resources are far from sufficient.

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The WP project is funded by generous donations from individuals or organisations, among others:
Stiftung fokus frauen - focus women foundation zurich, Switzerland

focus women believes in the potential of women as forces of change. All around the world, women experience the impact of violence, discrimination and poverty to varying degrees. Women are aware of how vulnerable our planet and how fragile society is. They create new perspectives over and over again, and commit themselves to bringing about changes.

focus women supports women's organizations and networks in the global South and Eastern Europe. With them, the Foundation put into practice projects for women by women.



frauenrechte beider basel frbb, Basel, Switzerland

1st of May 2024 - frbb is selling again bread and roses for the Water and Pads Project!

For more information see below!
Now in 2024  frbb members were active at two places, in Basel and Frick. The WP-team is very thankful for their great  engagement!


frauenrechte beider basel frbb, Basel, Switzerland

1st of May 2023- today frbb is selling bread and roses again!

Back in 1912, during the "Bread and Roses Strike" in Lawrence Massachusetts (USA), women with a migrant background fought against starvation wages and child labour.

They demanded not only a fair wage (bread), but also a humane working and living environment (roses).
Women's organisations in Basel, now it is frbb, have commemorated this event on 1st of May ever since the 1980s. This time the profit went to the project Water and Pads for Schoolgirls., supported by International Alliance of Women IAW. frbb is section of ADF-SVF, the Swiss Affiliate of IAW.... read more


Reformierter Frauenverein Aesch-Pfeffingen, Switzerland

The Women's Association promotes communication among women, is culturally and charitably active and takes care of the elderly.
The range of services we offer includes the Brockenstube, the Ludothek, the clothes exchange, the walking service in the old people's centre and the senior citizens' afternoon. Every two years we organise a big bazaar in the Steinackerhaus.


IAW and the school-girls thank you for your support!


Here are a few pictures of some schools in collaboration with the IAW "Water and Pads" project.


Water and Pads for School-Girls Empowerment for Life!