Water and Pads for School-Girls Empowerment for Life!

Goals of the IAW Project


  all barriers which prevent girls from attending school during their menstrual cycle in the African and Asian

  region, with special regard to IAW-member countries


- provision of washable and reusable sanitary pads, if possible produced in a local project,

- health education, particularly addressing the taboo aspects,

- self-confidence of girls about womanhood and the knowledge about equality of men and women,

- knowledge about the full sexual and reproductive health rights of girls in particular in rural areas,

- alertness about the precarious situation at the local, national and international level.

How to reach the goals

- promoting the dissemination of the full sexual and reproductive rights of girls and women through the

  media channels on the national and international level,

- addressing in particular the education and the management of menstruation hygiene of schoolgirls,

- sensitizing students against unwanted pregnancies,

- strengthening networking on the regional, national and international level.

Water and Pads for School-Girls Empowerment for Life!