16 and 31 January 2023
CEFAP Events at Lake Yaoundé School, Lycée Kribi and Lycée de Guider Cameroon

Ms Anne Yotchou, Coordinator writes:

"...It is important for me to add here that the water and pads project is a success story with concrete results and a measurable impact on girls' education...I am honoured to make this brief conclusion to this beautiful experience with CEFAP in this wonderful project as a volunteer. I got involved in this cause because I was a victim. I did all my primary education and the beginning of secondary education in a rural environment. I know the difficulties of schoolgirls in these rural areas during their menstrual period because I had these same problems...In conclusion, we will simply say thanks for this initiative in favour of schoolgirls while underlining that the project is very well received in the field and that the provision of washable and reusable sanitary towels to schoolgirls is very topical and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will become a reality..." Read full report here

Event at Lake Yaoundé School:

Event at Lycéee Kribi:


29 November 2022 and  1 February 2023
LA COLOMBE Events at Le Guide School Complex at Vogan Togo

Ms Thérèse AKAKPO Coordinator writes:

"...All of the girls admitted that their moms had never talked to them about this. Discussing sexuality is a taboo in most families.

The boys understood that girls are not responsible for the biological cycle, and that it is natural. They made a commitment not to make fun of girls who are seen with menstrual blood stains. Several questions were asked about the age of the first menstruation, discussion of the subject with parents etc...."  Read full report here



2 January 2023

RUWON Event at Bal Uddhar Secondary School, Kapan, Kathmandu Nepal

Goma Bastola, president of RUWON writes:
"...RUWON also included the boys in the project with the thinking that if the boys will be aware about the girls and women problems, it will be helpful to make the change. The boys of the higher grade (8-10) also received the booklets, because we thought that we could raise awareness among the boys all together with the girls. It could also be a helpful information for girls and women living in the homes of the boy-students. They would understand that menstruation is just a natural process, and we all should help the girls to be neat and clean during the periods...." read the whole report