17 and 19 March 2021
RENATA Events at Kongola and Lougueo Doubai Primary Scools Cameroon

The RENATA Community Mobilization Officer (CMO) travelled to the Far North on March 17 2021

and arrived on March 18. Upon arrival, she held a planning meeting with 3 teachers, peers who would be attending the outreach activities. We prepared the necessary materials and shared roles. The team also made calls to reporters and principals at both schools to make sure they were ready....more


February 2021
 CEFAP Events at Meidjo Primary Scool Cameroon

"At the beginning of  February 2021 we went back to Medjo where we had the third phase of the project that was planned in 2020 but due the pandemic, we could not make it....The Water and Pads project for schoolgirls has been a wonderful project. We can even call it a revolutionary initiative that is really changing mindset within the communities. Gradually it is dispelling shame and taboos around the periodic bleeding..."
Read the full report.

 3 January 2021
 WCCF  Events at Epworth High School Zimbabwe

On Sunday January 3rd 2021 we hosted the pads program. We partnered with Spar Braeside who generously provided the venue and also contributed snacks for the occasion. With the written consent of the children’s parents we targeted girls aged 9 – 15 years.
The lockdown which took effect from January 5th, 2021 has disturbed our programs. Our aim was to teach girls who had not started menstrual periods how to use pads and tampons and cascade the program to 6 different schools, travel to the rural areas where the need is greater..read full report.