3 March 2022

ZAW Event at Chibwe Primary and Secondary School Kabwe Zambia

"It is an undoubtable fact that many women and girls countrywide lack access to menstrual hygiene management (MHM) materials and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities to manage their menstrual health in Zambia. This is evidenced by the many women and girls who use unhygienic menstrual management materials, which can cause deadly health complications. Public spaces such as schools which lack adequate ablution and gender -sensitive WASH facilities add to these health complications. According to a research study posted on the BMC Public Health website, about 44 percent of girls drop out of school before completing their secondary education in Zambia....Read full report


February and March 2022

RENATA Events at Bikok Technical High School and Kongola Jeolao Public School in Maroua Cameroon

 "...We started with an educational talk among the participants and the RENATA Aunties. Let us emphasize here that most parents are little or not interested in their daughters' menstruation in the sense that they do not provide their children with sanitary pads during the menstruation nor do they know how to provide this to them, which might help the girls to manage their protection during the period-bleeding. Menstruation and this particular issue had prompted the Aunties to focus on menstrual hygiene. They are hoping to contribute towards a behavioural change....read full report